sleep deprived mama

Ok, we all know as Moms how hard it is to function on no sleep, and how the world can slowly start to steamroll out of control when we can’t put together a rational thought. Well, that has been my life for the last few weeks.

My two year old has decided that she doesn’t want to sleep alone anymore, she was sick and my husband let her sleep in our room and then we couldn’t get her out. I am all for those Mom’s that choose to co-sleep but I physically can’t do it, I mean I don’t even let my husband share blankets with me. I need to be fully “cocooned” as my husband calls it in order to fall asleep. So for two weeks, it was laying awake until she fell asleep and then carry her to her room, then falling asleep and be woken another 5-6 time throughout the night. We’ve all been there, sleep training is the absolute worst but it is necessary, necessary for not only your sanity but for your children to get a good nights sleep. So I started the battle, letting her cry it out, then going into her room and sitting in the chair until she fell asleep, then when all else failed and I was dead to the world I tried having her big sister sleep in her room with her. I know it doesn’t seem like the best idea but when you haven’t slept and you think you are going to go insane you will try anything right? So it worked for a little while, but then it started again, she was calling for me and my husband multiple times a night and now we had to get around our daughter’s mattress to get to her. So late one night I grabbed the Ipad and I put on a movie for her… BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!! Now she asked for it every night and it was a huge meltdown when the answer was no, so it became a thing bedtime came I would put her in her bed and tuck her in and turn on the iPad, I thought it would help and at that point we were all sleeping so why not right? Then all of a sudden it started happening, she would start screaming in the middle of the night, I jumped out of bed ran down the hall and she said: “the iPad turned off” … REALLY??. Now not only is she awake all hours of the night watching tv but I am being woken up because the iPad says “are you still there?” Something had to give! After about the 5th night I’d had enough, I sat down and started to think back to when the other girls were young, we never had this issue they always slept, we did the sleep train thing and after night upon night of my arm in the crib and crawling out of the room they were good. They both slept well in their rooms, what had I done differently? Why was this time so hard? Now mind you my oldest daughter is almost 11 and the middle will be 8 in two months so there was a significant age gap between them and Issy and I honestly forgot, I forgot all about the routine that I had in place when the others were small, how I would give them a bath using Live Clean Bedtime Bath and cream them all down using the same cream, and how we would cuddle together while reading a book and then put on their sound machines and watch them fall off to sleep. THAT’S IT!! when my husband walked in the door even though I looked a hot mess and I was exhausted, I told him that when all the little friends had been picked up I was taking cranky pants Issy to WalMart, and we were fixing this problem. Off we went she cried the entire way there, screamed about putting on her coat and her boots, tore off her hat and mittens in the car and yelled things like I want my Daddy, I don’t want you! But I kept a smile on my face, I knew she was just as exhausted as I was and that this was gonna fix it. Once we got to Walmart and because I hadn’t given in to the screaming she was calm, I let her walk like a big girl and we headed straight for the baby department where we took all the sound machines off the shelf and looked at all the things they did, we saw a hippo that had lights and sounds but it went to bed with her and I really didn’t want to give her something to play with, we found one that was just a light and another that did both and then we found this one by fisher price it is called the deluxe soother, it offered a night light, music and sounds, animal and stars projected on the ceiling and best of all it had an app to connect me to it at night FROM MY BED!! sold. We also stopped and got more bedtime bath and cream and two new books, and we headed home. I put her in the bath and she played happily with all the bubbles and my husband sat with her while I took all distractions out of her bed and set up the deluxe soother, I then got her out of the bath and dried her up, creamed her up with the bedtime bath cream, crawled into her big girl bed with her to read our new books, and laid with her as I showed her the stars on the roof and the wonderfully soothing music and then I sat in the chair in her room for 20 mins while she fell asleep and then guess what? I WENT TO BED, AND I SLEPT ALL NIGHT!! I know it isn’t a miracle that there will still be hard night ahead but for right now I am going to hang on to this #momwin and be happy that my baby and I both had a good night sleep and woke up refreshed and ready for the day. I will continue this routine each night because not only did she sleep, but that little time that we got to lay together and talk and read was so absolutely wonderful that I want to do it every day. We’ve all been there, right? So tell me about your sleep training, what worked what didn’t? Do you use a sound machine? Id love to hear from you!

Happy Hump Day


fisher price deluxe soother (or as I like to call it my dreams come true)
the dream team live clean calming bath/wash, live clean calming lotion, new books ‘the very cranky bear’ by Nick Bland and ‘You mean the world to me’ by Bayne Gibby and of course our favoutie book ‘Night, night baby’ by Parragon Books, and our new member of the sleep team the deluxe soother by fisher price

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