New Year

“The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.” – Melody Beattie

I know that when I was young I used to hear my parents and their friends say things like, “don’t take it for granted” and “life is short” these things never made sense to me, I would just ignore them. Back then when you’re a kid you think that you will live forever, the days are so long and you start counting down the days until you are older and wiser the days that you get to set your own rules. When you’re a teenager your only thinking about the next party, how to impress your friends or that person you are infatuated with and how you can get away with doing as you please. Then one day without even noticing you start hearing yourself say things like “wow that year flew by” and “it feels like yesterday that, that happened”. This year as I sat with my family playing games and watching the New Year come rolling in, I looked around, I noticed that life is moving faster then I thought it would. I noticed that those days and nights that used to last forever seem to be slipping past so much faster then I could have ever anticipated. I realize that my parent and grandparents are getting older. Friends and family are dying, long past are the wedding invitations and baby shower invites rolling in, they are few and far between. My friends that I have known for 20+ years, are either so far away or not far at all, but life gets in the way and we haven’t talked to them in so long that it would be weird to start up a conversation. I am getting older, my husband who I met when I was 14 is going to 35 in a few months, my daughter is almost 11 and my dog who was our first Christmas gift to each other when we first moved out is 13 and not doing well. I am full of emotion for this coming year, I’m not ready to let things change but I know they will. I know I say every year that this is the year that I will change, I will try to eat less junk, or lose weight, or do more things as a family, but no I think this year, this year is different, this year instead of saying I will try, I will do. I can and I will is my attitude for this year, I will be more present, I will stick to this new healthier me, I will spend more time as a family, I will call and set plans with friends and I will follow through, but most of all I will live every moment to the absolute fullest because life really is short, and I want to make sure that I lived it.

What does 2019 mean to you? What will you do differently? Or the same? Do you believe in a clean slate every new year?


Happy Hump Day

the love of my life and below some of my favourite memories of 2018