Christmas Traditions 

Each year I find myself more and more excited for Christmas. Yeah, I was that kid, you know; the first one awake that woke everyone else, the first one down the stairs, and the one with all the bubbly Christmas spirit while the rest of my family snarled as they tried to wake up. This year feels different, gone are the days when I would get up early and want to rush through the day,  I find myself longing for the quiet and peace that  Christmas brings and  the time I get to spend with my kids, the uninterrupted  time away from the day to day worldly chaos, where I can close the door and people understand that we just want to be a family. No work, no school, no ballet, no worries. We get to spend that quality time that is so few and far between these days, with all the running around and making sure we are where we need to be at the right time. It’s time to think only about what we want to do and not about what we HAVE to do. My family, like many others, has traditions; something that they can look forward to every year that is just for us. My Mom and Dad tried to with us but as kids we moved so often for my Dad’s work that nothing was ever the same, the only thing I knew was that traditionally  we all would decorate the tree together, and each of us girls got to put on our ornament from our first Christmas. So when I had kids I made it a priority to create things that my kids could look back on and say,  “at Christmas we…” and cherish our family time that we had together, and possibily pass them down to their our children some day. We started off with some little things like making sure they all had first Christmas ornaments and then we moved into things like once a week in December we would sit down to a bowl of popcorn and a Christmas movie and watch it together, no matter how busy the week is we always make the time. Or when we moved here 4 years ago we heard of this street near our house that does a huge Christmas lights show, so now we get in our jammies and blankets and go and check out the lights. They do amazing job and  the whole street participates they do it for charity and have a donation boxes to collect non-perishables and unwrapped toys, it’s truly amazing, and wonderful to see people sharing the Christmas spirit. We love it because everyone drives slowly down the street, no one is in a hurry and we sip our hot chocolates and ooh and aw at all the beautiful lights. But one of my favourite traditions has to be our Christmas Eve Box; I introduced this tradition when my older two were 5 and 3, I went and bought one of those fancy gift boxes from Homesense, and filled it with fun things for my girls and I to do on Christmas Eve. Back then my husband traveled a lot for work and he was usually home late Christmas Eve or in the early hours Christmas morning so it was a way to keep us occupied while we waited for him to come home. We’ve done it now every year and my kids absolutely love it! I think it is all of our favourite tradition as we get an entire day to stay in our jammies and hang out together. I swear you can see them get more and more excited about Santa  and his arrival as the day goes on. 

Keep reading below to find out more about the Christmas Eve box!

Picture with Santa at the Pickering Town Centre another tradition of ours dating back to when I was a little girl. 

The Christmas box:

So the Christmas Eve box is supposed to be filled with all the things you’ll need to get ready for Santa’s arrival. Inside I always put a new pair of  Christmas pj’s for each girl, a Christmas story to read before bed, a movie to watch as a family and popcorn because who watches a movie without it! Cookie cutters or Betty Crocker cookie mix to make cookies for Santa and this year I also added a new board game to all play together.

It definitely fills our house with laughter and love and is by far my favourite day of the entire year. I think I will continue to do this with them until they wont let me anymore because it helps us in this crazy busy life to come together and be a family. What is your favourite thing to do with your kids at Christmas time?

Happy Hump Day 


Pj’s are from carters, movie from walmart, book from chapters. to be added popcorn and cookie mix. not pictured mouse trap game purchased at toysrus.